• CACTUS is a biannual scientific journal, founded in 2010, edited by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (Faculty of Business and Tourism, Tourism and Geography Department).CACTUS Journal offers open-access to researchers and practitioners for the publication of scientific articles in the field of tourism, economics, business administration, services, geography and related scientific areas, addressing a variety of research topics relevant at national, regional and international level.The structural changes in the world economy, with direct effects on service dynamics, in general, and on tourism, in particular, are constantly generating challenges that both researchers and professionals have to address. CACTUS Journal mainly contributes to understanding these changes and trends, providing an up-to-date overview of the scientific practices and approaches.

    The journal particularly supports tourism research and aims to discover and harness best practices and the latest and most reliable results. Through its articles, the journal promotes and encourages collaboration and open dialogue between different cultures and research practices, between the academic community and practitioners.

    The content of the journal also includes a section devoted to scientific articles written by young researchers – students, master’s students, Ph.D. students who can disseminate their best research results.

    CACTUS-RECS has been indexed and/or listed in several international databases: