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In the case that The CACTUS - Journal of tourism for research, education, culture, and soul is no longer published, we will use reasonable efforts to ensure that either the volumes published remain available through the website.


We are transparent about our editorial policy on issuing retractions and corrections developed in accordance with COPE’s publication guidelines pertaining to scientific misconduct and research ethics.
- RETRACTION will be issued when there is an evidence of: data fabrication, data recycling in a purportedly original research article, severe plagiarism, double publication, copyright infringement, unreliable findings, unethical research practices, any other practice or act considered potentially harmful to the scientific community.
- CORRECTION will be issued when: only a small portion of an article is flawed in a way that does not severely affect findings reported in it it is determined that the scientific community would be better served by a correction than a retraction


Our journal ethics policies regarding research misconduct, conflicts of interest and malpractice is developed in accordance with COPE’s Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors.
Duties of Editors: Publication decision, Fair play, Confidentiality, Disclosure and Conflicts of interest, Involvement and cooperation in investigations
Duties of Reviewers: Contribution to Editorial Decision, Promptness, Confidentiality, Standards of Objectivity, Acknowledgement of Source, Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest.
Duties of Authors: Reporting standards, Data Access and Retention, Originality and Plagiarism, Multiple, Redundant or Concurrent Publication, Acknowledgement of Sources, Authorship of the Paper, Hazards and Human or Animal Subjects, Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest, Fundamental errors in published works.
Plagiarism Detection. We take the obligation to assist the scientific community in all aspects of publishing ethics, especially in cases of (suspected) duplicate submission or plagiarism. We use institutional  (ASE) plagiarism detector.