CACTUS Tourism Journal for research, education, culture and soul (CACTUS-RECS) is a biannual publication that gives access to researchers and practitioners to publish their scientific articles in fields such as: tourism, services, geography and other scientific domains. As a result of the European Union extension, starting with 2004, European tourism market has encountered fast changes.
        The challenges and threats that managers and researchers have to face are mostly different than those that took place in the past and in other geographic areas. CACTUS journal vision is to contribute to the understanding of these challenges and trends that take place nowadays and to present a supporting picture regarding the updated practices in the field of tourism and services that exist in the new member states, but not only.
        The online CACTUS - Journal of tourism for research, education, culture, and soul (CACTUS-RECS) is a publication of the research center with the same name, cantered on the professional identification and analysis of current issues that characterize tourism in Romania and abroad. Our mission is to discover and capitalize the most useful practices and the best research results. Why this journal? Over the last years, in the tourism industry there has been reported an increase in the demand of information based on the 12 new countries that became part of the European Union. As so, the editors have reached these needs by publishing the most useful and updated results that were obtained through the process of scientific research. Also, through its articles, the journal supports the idea of an open communication and partnership between different research methods.

CACTUS will publish articles focusing mainly on:

• Alternative tourism products
• Case studies and best practices in tourism governance
• Community involvement in tourism development
• Crisis and tourism
• Destination marketing, management and tourism demand
• Distribution systems and distribution strategies
• Education and training in tourism and hospitality
• Entertainment&Entertainer in tourism
• Entrepreneurship in tourism
• Environmental management of special interest tourism
• Equality, gender and diversity issues in tourism organizations
• Ethical concerns in marketing and management
• Event management in tourism
• Food service marketing and management
• Geography of tourism
• Government perspectives on tourism in higher education
• Health and wellness tourism
• Hospitality - consumer behavior, management, marketing,
• Human Resource – new theoretical perspectives
• International tourism issues - collaborative partnerships
• Local participation in decision making in tourism
• Niche tourism
• Operational management
• Organizational - theory and tourism research, buying behavior
• Special interest tourism marketing and management
• Sustainable tourism
• Tourism technology – competitiveness, management, trends

Online ISSN: 2247-3297
ISSN-L: 2247-3297
Frequency: biannual

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